Successful organisations always have a game plan. Clarifying business goals and developing the blueprints via a business plan is the only way to guarantee that these goals will be realised. A marketing strategy is an essential component of your business plan and identifies how the marketing function will fulfil business goals whether this involves increasing the number of new customers or increasing margin from an existing portfolio.

Feonix Marketing Consultancy delivers successful marketing strategies for clients in four key stages – Insights, Collaboration, Great Ideas and Game Plan.

Basing the strategy on real insights takes the guesswork out of the planning process and allows the business to better understand its customers, competitors and market conditions which translates into a more successful plan. We share these insights with our clients, obtaining their input and combining our expertise with their in-depth knowledge of the business. We then step outside of the box to generate innovative ideas and present original and fresh marketing concepts. We move forward on the same page as our clients to then create the strategy.

An insightful, detailed and innovative marketing strategy delivered by Feonix Marketing Consultants will:

  • Create realistic and measurable marketing objectives that will fulfil business goals.
  • Paint a clear and detailed picture of the target audience.
  • Provide a comprehensive breakdown on competitors and their activity.
  • Inform the business on the internal weaknesses that must be overcome, the business’ strengths to leverage, the threats to thwart and the opportunities to capture.
  • Identify products and services that will be sold and how these will be enhanced or modified to strengthen competitive advantage.
  • Identify the types of marketing channels that will provide the best access to targeted customers and the initiatives which will produce sales results aligned with targets.
  • Provide a marketing implementation program of specific initiatives for 12 months.
  • Create a corresponding sales strategy associated with proposed initiatives.
  • Allocate a budget for execution of the marketing strategy.
  • Develop a monitoring plan to assess effectiveness of the marketing program

The development of a Marketing Strategy provides focus to company marketing initiatives and ensures that business resources are allocated on those initiatives that will yield the best results. Utilising Feonix Marketing Consultants for the development of this strategy will bring a higher level of expertise to this process generating a better quality result for your business.


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