Increasing sales results relies on businesses to engage customers and encourage them to buy. While there are a large number of channels for communicating with customers, not all channels are suitable for all businesses, audiences or purposes. Questions are often raised. What is the most effective means for getting a message across to a specific audience? Which channels provide best bang for buck for sales conversion? How do I reach a wider audience for brand building?

Feonix Marketing Consultants have extensive experience across all marketing communications channels and can develop a Marcomms program to meet a business’ specific requirements. Our core competencies include:


For businesses looking to increase sales revenue, launch a new product, increase brand awareness or convey a specific message to prospective customers, campaigns are a strong communication tool. Feonix is equipped to manage all elements of campaign development and execution to meet business objectives including concept and insight creation, devising briefs, script writing, copy writing, media booking, and coordination with design, media, lead generation, fulfilment and other third party suppliers.

We create direct marketing, above and below the line advertising, outdoor, digital including social media and integrated campaigns.

Sponsorship and Events

Building strong relationships with customers and prospects often requires establishing contact in a more intimate environment. Events offer businesses the opportunity to interact with their customers in a face to face setting to establish rapport. Sponsorships provide the companies with the ability to reach out to specific communities in a more personal way. Our marketing consultants source, evaluate and leverage sponsorship opportunities and industry associations for membership.   We also analyse industry events to determine those most suitable for participation. We select sponsorships and events based on marketing objectives, exposure, alignment with target market, consistency with brand values.

Our expertise in event management allows us to develop, coordinate and execute an internal event program on behalf of our clients.


Company as well as product and service information for educational and promotional purposes needs to be engaging, attractive to customers and aligned with brand guidelines. Feonix Marketing in conjunction with our partners produce a range of marketing collateral on behalf of our clients.  Some examples of collateral are outlined below:

  • Corporate brochure
  • Product/Service brochures
  • Target segment communications
  • Promotional flyers
  • Tools for sales channels
  • Product bundles/packages
  • Stationary
  • Newsletters
  • Fact sheets
  • Guidelines for the development of collateral.

Public Relations

Building credibility and a strong reputation with targeted customers can be better achieved through Public Relations that other forms of paid media. Viewed as independent, customers trust articles in newspapers, journals, editorial on the radio or TV. Gaining exposure to target audiences through public relations requires specialist skills and strong media networks. Feonix marketing has the experience and expertise to:

  • Develop a PR strategy which includes the identification of media channels which are aligned with target markets.
  • Prepare and “sell” press releases.
  • Work with media to develop good relationships and develop opportunities for positive exposure in the media.


Understanding target audiences, competitors and the market in its ever changing landscape is critical for the overall success of businesses. Knowledge obtained through research improves product development, drives more effective communications with customers, informs strategies for growth and so much more. It is our belief that insight should drive business strategy. Feonix Marketing develops and works with our suppliers to execute research programs that equip our clients with the knowledge to make better decisions.


Many businesses rely on intermediaries to sell their products and services. Marketing campaigns and tools for channels such as brokers, stockists, agents and online channels are essential for increasing revenue through these streams. Our marketing consultants develop a range of marketing programs to target intermediaries and the end customer which include:

  • Creation of an intermediary marketing strategy designed to engage agents, wholesalers and distributors, and increase revenue from these channels.
  • Develop and deploy programs to attract, motivate and retain intermediaries.
  • Build and coordinate exclusive campaigns for end customers to be delivered through the intermediary channel.

The right marketing communications channel with a compelling proposition for customers is a powerful way to achieve your business goals and sales targets. With extensive knowledge and experience, Feonix Marketing can develop inspired marketing communications to drive real results from these programs.


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