Successful businesses understand that investment in marketing is essential. Whether this is attracting new business or increasing revenue from specific products, business objectives simply cannot be realised without effective communications with customers. These businesses often have established marketing programs and larger organisations may also maintain dedicated marketing personnel.

While existing marketing programs may generate positive sales results, it is important to ask:  Is this the best allocation of resources? Are there other marketing initiatives that will generate better results? Can things be done differently to improve performance? Movements in the marketplace including changing customer needs and rising competition increase the importance of reviewing practices for ongoing improvement and to maintain business success.

Leveraging specialist knowledge and industry experience, Feonix Marketing Consultants audit client marketing programs against best practice methods. Our approach to marketing audits comprises of three key stages:

  1. Evaluate – We review the entire marketing program, looking at investment and return of individual initiatives. Return comprises of financial and non-financial benefits. We prepare an audit document that outlines the performance of each initiative.
  2. Guide – Our marketing consultants present the audit document to clients, providing valuable information on performance.
  3. Enhance – We provide a summary of recommendations for improving the program. This includes those initiatives to discontinue, modify and retain. It also proposes additional activities for implementation.

Because customers are dynamic, marketing must evolve and adapt in response. An independent assessment of marketing initiatives conducted by Feonix, provides businesses with the feedback to tune their activities line with customer needs and preferences.


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