For customers to buy your product or service, they must first know who you are, remember you when they are looking to buy and connect their need with your offering. Without a strong company brand, engaging your customers is a difficult if not impossible task.

A company brand is the persona of a business. It is not only a visual representation but also embodies the personality of your business and in turn how this makes customers feels about you.

Many businesses believe developing a brand begins and ends with creating a logo.  Often logos are created in direct consultation with graphic designers with very little insight into the correct positioning, essence, attributes and identity of the brand.  Lack of clarity often leads to designs which are generic, uninspiring and easily forgotten. Brand development stops here which leads to inconsistency with how the business is represented. This in turn confuses customers who seek out an alternative product or service.

Feonix Marketing Consultants are experienced with new brand development for emerging businesses as well as revitalising existing brands for well-established organisations. We apply a proven and successful method for creating strong brands for our clients.

Phase 1 – Using insights to develop a positioning statement

Whether we are creating or reinvigorating a brand, our marketing consultants start with our clients. Through understanding their business, competitors, products/services and most importantly their clients and client needs, we develop a positioning statement. This clearly articulates a business’ unique point of difference supported by proof of this difference in the context of their target audience and industry.

Phase 2 – Translating the company essence

Feonix Marketing Consultants transform a company’s uniqueness into the essence of the brand. This statement creates an emotional connection between the brand difference and the customer need, and defines how customers feel when they think about a brand.

Phase 3 – Developing the key attributes of a brand

To bring a brand into existence and make it a living, breathing entity, we develop brand attributes. These are the components of the brand which give it character and shape its personality. Whether this is creative and dynamic, smart and resourceful, or loyal and friendly, we humanise a brand and connect it to its customers.

Phase 4 – Forming the identity

The identity of a brand is its visual representation. While we understand that the logo is an essential ingredient in how a brand is seen, our marketing consultants develop a brand identity that extends beyond this. We work with our clients to define how the brand should look in a retail space or office, signage, digital media, collateral and advertising, uniforms and all other elements which impact the external presentation of the brand.

Phase 5 – Communicating the brand

Uniformity in the appearance of a brand strengthens it. If customer’s experience the brand inconsistently, equity is lost.  To assist our clients, we develop brand guidelines for applying the brand. Our marketing consultants also conduct in-house brand training with staff to ensure that teams understand and embody the essence of the brand to provide a strong brand experience in all interactions with the company.

A strong brand in today’s competitive landscape is essential to the success of most businesses. Feonix marketing consultants have the experience and expertise to create powerful new brands and give renewed energy to existing ones.


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