Four Imperatives for Strong Brands

In developing strong brands for clients, Feonix Marketing Consultants rely on 4 imperatives. Brands must be Distinctive, Memorable, Timeless and Immortal.

Being distinctive in the appearance of your brand allows you to stand apart from your competitors.

Creating a memorable brand promotes better recall of your business when customers are getting ready to buy.

Timelessness makes sure that your brand doesn’t become associated with last year’s trends.

An immortal brand transcends a single person to become the essence of the business embodied by all of its elements.

How to Develop Your Brand

Start with the Customer

Like everything in marketing, Brand Development starts with the customer. What are they looking for when they purchase products or services in your category?  This is not only the tangible benefit that they receive but the experience that they are looking for.

Create value and ingrain this into your brand

How can you position your business, products and services so that it is perceived as valuable? Again, value can be intangible or tangible. A strong perception of value is created when it is both.  The definition of this value, is the premise that your brand needs to be built on.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your company name

Large companies with equally large marketing budgets are able to invest significant amounts of money in advertising and other forms of marketing in building awareness of their brand. However for most businesses, the company name goes a long way to creating brand recognition. The right business name should not be restrictive, generic or overly complicated, it should be memorable and communicate the brand value.

Think of your brand as a person

For customers to develop a strong relationship with your brand, they must be able to identify with it. To build this human connection, consider what your brand would sound like and look like as a person. What would be its defining features and how would people remember it. Once defined, this becomes the tone of voice for all brand communications and shapes the development of the brand identity.

Distinctive design

Too many new business, rush through the brand development process and create an identity which is generic, lackluster and looks like so many other brands in the market place. Take the time and make the investment in developing a unique visual identity for your business.

Establish consistency not repetition

Developing guidelines to enable consistent representation of your brand helps to create familiarity and build equity in your brand. Making sure the correct colours are always utiised, logos are represented as they should and communications are in line with your tone of voice is key. However, it is important to ensure that you do not fall into the trap of rehashing the same material over and over again. This creates boredom and fatigue among customers and prospects and can damage perception of your brand.

Invest in brand development

Your brand is the cornerstone of your business. It represents what you stand for, forms the basis of how you communicate with customers and how they perceive you. Of course, brands need to be refreshed and reinvigorated but the essence of your brand should remain. It therefore essential to spend the time, energy and resources to develop it correctly the first time.

Feonix Marketing are experienced in brand development and can manage this process from end to end to provide clients with a complete brand architecture including identity that resonates with customers, nails their attributes and is Distinctive, Memorable, Timeless and Immortal.


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