To reposition itself as a specialist trade and welding services company, Busicom Solutions needed to realign their marketing strategy. Feonix Marketing worked with Busicom to deliver a renewed marketing program to invigorate its identity and secure high value opportunities in the marketplace.


Founded in 2004 as a labour hire company, Busicom Solutions delivered unskilled and skilled labour to the Manufacturing and Building and Construction sectors. Through industry feedback, Busicom came to understand that the labour hire industry provided low quality and unreliable resources, which had a negative impact on industry productivity and the quality of output. This presented a genuine market need for highly skilled qualified engineering tradesmen. Busicom used this insight to reinvent their business and develop a highly successful model for screening and providing the very best tradespeople in Australia.


As an established business, Busicom Solutions had an existing identity in the marketplace which carried equity. At the same time, the reputation of the labour hire industry had a sobering effect on the perception of Busicom among prospective customers. It was essential to develop a marketing program that would capture Busicom’s new value proposition and audience without isolating loyal customers and their commitment to the brand.


In conjunction with Busicom Solutions and its network of suppliers, Feonix Marketing got to work developing and implementing a Reinvention Marketing Strategy. This would propel Busicom to the next level allowing them to not only capture greater market share but increase profitability by acquiring more lucrative opportunities. The key elements of this program are outlined below:


To harness the brand value achieved through 11 years of work in the industry, the company logo remained unchanged. However to differentiate its position as a specialist and reflect its expertise:

  • Additional colours were introduced into the colour palette
  • The brand tone of voice became more technical
  • A new company tagline was introduced
  • A modern style guide was adopted for layout and design
  • A new logo was introduced for its technical business

The above elements noticeably altered the look and feel of the brand and added a vibrancy and energy to the identity. We launched the new brand and associated guidelines which were met with tremendous feedback from Busicom and the public.


Aligning company communications to the new brand identity required production of all new marketing collateral. Given that this collateral would play a key role in shaping perceptions, the content, how this was delivered, and the tone of voice was essential to repositioning the business correctly.  We developed the following key pieces of marketing collateral:

  • Company stationary
  • Business cards and email signatures
  • Company brochure
  • Services brochures
  • Flyers


The sales channel are the face of Busicom Solutions and were therefore a key component of the marketing strategy. As Area and Account Managers acquire new business and manage existing accounts, we developed the range of tools below to help this channel drive sales to achieve revenue targets:

  • PowerPoint templates
  • Pitch documents
  • Capability statements
  • Case studies
  • Tender documentation
  • Sales proposal
  • Customer welcome pack
  • Emails


Feonix developed a series of campaigns to communicate the new brand message and to assist Busicom in the acquisition of new clients. These campaigns included:

  • Advertising in industry journals
  • Direct mailer
  • Pay Per Click campaign

“From my perspective I value Shaila’s judgement and recommendations in all matters of strategic planning and marketing. Having worked in partnership with many other big end of town marketing agencies over the years, Shaila’s Feonix Marketing shines brightest!

Dennis Verteouris – New Public Manager, Busicom Solutions


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