Congratulations! Starting a businesses is just like embarking on an incredible journey and requires courage, talent and an enormous amount of hard work on your part.

To turn your great idea into a successful venture you need solid planning and a compelling marketing strategy. Feonix Marketing Consultancy helps Start Ups to establish a brand identity, launch their business and develops a cost-effective marketing program to fast track brand awareness and sales results so you can become profitable sooner.

We design a customised cost-effective solution based on the individual needs and requirements of your business. This can include some or all the key elements below:

  • Company naming (if required)
  • Comprehensive Marketing Plan
  • Full Brand Architecture including positioning, essence, attributes, identity (inc logo) and communications plan
  • Website Creation
  • Company Brochure or Flyer
  • Target Market Profile
  • Competitive Profile
  • Stationary including business cards
  • POS material


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