Build a community of profitable growing businesses who apply best-practice marketing strategies and achieve ongoing success through innovation and re-invention.


Provide marketing know-how for growing businesses to obtain:

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Powerful brand identities.

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Unique value propositions.

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Clear and consistent communication of their proposition across all channels.

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Attraction and conversion of sustainable new business opportunities.

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Long standing relationships with their customers.




Innovation is at the very core of Feonix’s philosophy. Continual reinvention, business enhancement and ongoing improvement are the key to being successful and remaining successful. This ideal shapes the way that Feonix Marketing Consultancy operates and is the most essential ingredient in all marketing projects delivered.


More than just collaborating with clients, Feonix Marketing Consultants ingrain themselves in the client’s business and get in sync with its inner workings. This depth of understanding which ranges from business objectives and key differentiators to demand drivers, sales results and compliance, positions Feonix to develop an insightful and intuitive marketing program that offers clients real outcomes.


The absolute confidence and trust that Feonix has in its clients is reciprocated with a like confidence that client’s place in Feonix Marketing. This confidence translates into strong branding and solid marketing programs that drive revenue for clients.


Feonix Marketing is completely and unequivocally focused on driving tangible financial results for clients from all marketing programs that it develops and deploys. With a minimum ROI objective of 2:1 on every project, success is measured, quantified and delivered.


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