Shaila Bali, Director of Feonix Marketing has accumulated over 15 years of knowledge and expertise in all facets of the Marketing discipline. Through her experience in Senior Management and Executive roles, she has also developed strong competencies in Business Strategy, Sales Management and Operations.

These capabilities have provided Shaila with the insight to look at marketing strategy from various angles in a business, be it sales, finance, HR, service delivery or compliance. This holistic perspective enables Feonix Marketing Consultants to seek and capitalise on opportunities which arise from synergies in these areas as well as to lead, optimise and grow various sales, marketing and support functions in an organisation.

As an outcome-orientated marketing consultant, Shaila leads each and every project with the belief that customer insights must drive business strategy and that continual business improvement is essential to achieving the company vision.

Some of Shaila’s key competencies are in the following areas:

  • Development and implementation of marketing strategy
  • New brand development and communication
  • Brand reinvention
  • Customer acquisition initiatives
  • Customer loyalty and satisfaction programs
  • Leveraging new and existing sales channels including intermediary marketing
  • Digital marketing programs
  • Customer experience programs including events and sponsorships
  • Leveraging media opportunities through PR
  • Development of marketing collateral
  • Undertaking market research
  • Marketing training programs


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